Fracture Surgery

Discharge from Hospital

You will be in hospital until you are safe to manage at home.  The physiotherapists from Active Rehab will work with you twice a day while you are in hospital.

If you need some extra help getting home, you may choose to spend some time as an inpatient at the Mater Private Hospital Rehabilitation Unit.  Dr Phong Nguyen will visit you on the orthopaedic ward after your operation to discuss rehabilitation with you.  There is a ‘Rehabilitation in the Home’ option also.

Dr Ward will write instructions specifically for you on your discharge letter; in particular instructions regarding your weight bearing status.  Dr Ward will also send a letter to your GP with the operative procedure completed and a post operative plan.

If you have a favourite physiotherapist that you would like to see post operatively, book an appointment to see them for after your wound review with Dr Ward.  She will write a referral so that your rehabilitation is safe and efficient.

Post Operative Medications

Your anaesthetist will talk to you about your post operative pain requirements.  You will be given a small supply of medication to bring home with you from hospital.

If you need more pain medication after you go home, it is best to see your GP if you can.  It would be a good idea to book an appointment to see them in the second week of your post operative period.

Post Operative Appointments

Wound check

This will be done at about two weeks.  All going well your waterproof dressing from surgery will stay on until this appointment.  The stitches used by Dr Ward usually don’t need removing.

Final appointment

Dr Ward will see you again at two months post operatively to check on your rehabilitation progress.  Further appointments will be planned depending on what your injury and surgery requires.