Lower Limb Fracture

nicola-ward-img-1Lower limb fractures (broken bones) can be life-changing events.  Periods of restricted weight bearing may affect your ability to go about your day-to-day activities and prevent you from working or driving.

Every lower limb fracture needs careful consideration and a treatment plan that factors in your individual medical conditions, your lifestyle, and your personal circumstances.  The right operation for one patient may be entirely inappropriate for another.

Similarly, post operative rehabilitation plans will be developed to suit your individual needs.  Dr Ward will explore all available options to develop the best treatment plan for you.  Post operatively you may benefit from admission to the Mater Private Hospital Rehabilitation Unit.

Neck of Femur (hip) fracture

Dr Ward is particularly interested in ensuring prompt surgical treatment for patients who have broken their hip.  Research shows that timely surgical intervention, which allows a patient to fully weight bear immediately after surgery enables patients to return to their pre-fracture living environment more quickly and decreases the risk of medical complications.