Post Operative Information

If you are having an emergency after your operation please come to the Mater Emergency Centre at 301 Vulture Street; they will call Dr Ward to be involved if required.

For non-emergent matters please call Amber on 3177 9940; she can arrange for Dr Ward to see or call you as is appropriate.

Dr Ward gives comprehensive post operative instructions after all procedures – please read these for the answer to most questions.  If they have gone astray during your hospital journey Amber can email you a copy.

  • usually the stitches that Dr Ward uses do not need removing
  • for most operations the dressing put on at the time of surgery should be kept on until you see Dr Ward at your first post operative appointment for a wound check
  • if you do not normally take any blood thinning medications Dr Ward will give you aspirin post operatively to prevent blood clots – please keep taking this even if you have no pain

After most operations you will be seen at two weeks for a wound check, and at two months – sometimes with a new X-ray.  Amber will book those appointments for you.  Please call or email her to change them if required.  Sometimes they can be done as a videoconference or telephone call.